Network configurations vary greatly.

Our Services will meet
your specific needs.

Network configurations vary greatly.

Our Services will meet
your specific needs.

it services

Managed IT
You have enough on your plate as it is running a business. Why concern yourself with ensuring your staff is following proper security practices, that your computers/equipment are up to date against the latest threats, that in the event of a cyber attack your most precious asset, your data, is secure. Sass IT Services is the IT Managed Service Provider you need to protect yourself and your business.

Cloud Solutions
All of the essential tools of the modern business live in the cloud. Your staff depends on email, file sharing, instant messaging, video conferencing, and other tools to function. Your onsite infrastructure is just as important as your cloud infrastructure. However it is not as resilient as the cloud which makes regular backups to the cloud an essential tool for every business to succeed.

Cyber Security
The internet is dangerous place. There is always a new threat on the horizon and without a proper cyber security solution in place your business is vulnerable. We provide solutions that include hourly backups of your equipment both to onsite and offsite storage as well as advanced network equipment to block threats from ever breaching your network.

Server/Workstation Monitoring & Support

  • Monitor for Uptime 24/7
  • Scheduling of updates outside business hours
  • IT Review & Approval of all updates before installation is allowed
  • Bi-weekly Maintenance & Repair Scan
  • Manage User setup and Password resets
  • Remote Support
  • IT Health Reports on both network and computer health & safety emailed monthly

Cloud Solutions

  • Certified Microsoft Partner
  • Office 365 Sales and Support
  • Secure DNS Management
  • Domain Registrations
  • Webhosting

Server Cloud Backup and Recovery

  • Cloud Backup and Data Recovery
  • Cloud Based Server Virtualization
  • Onsite Server Virtualization
  • No downtime

Network Equipment Upgrades when we work together

  • Enterprise Firewall & Access Point Included (hardware for monthly clients only)
    • Hourly Security Updates on/for Firewall
    • Regular Security/Firmware updates of network equipment
    • Replacement of Firewall and Access Point due to hardware failure as long as the contract is active

Server Backup Solution

  • Unlimited file retention
  • Onsite Backup with 1:1 replication to the cloud
  • Zero downtime recovery method
Packages include a Yearly IT Review, along with an IT Documentation Packet.